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Credit and thanks for the photo to Daniel Overbeek

I am an experienced software engineer who specializes in helping teams develop user-friendly, maintainable client-side applications.

I have over seven years of professional experience as an engineer, and I am the maintainer of several successful open source projects. I am also an experienced social scientist with a master's degree in social psychology.

Open Source

I maintain several successful open source projects. With a distributed group of people, I have developed software that has millions of downloads per year and tens of thousands of monthly users.

Below you will find just a small selection of well-known users of my software:

  • metalsmith is used by: Mozilla, The W3C, The Node.js Project, LinkedIn, Adobe, NBC News, Harvard University, Cornell University, The UK Government Digital Service, The US Government's Department of Veterans Affairs and The World Bank.
  • stylelint-processor-styled-components is used by: Atlassian, The Guardian, The BBC, The Times, GetStream, Sentry, Brave, Material-UI, The National Statistical Institute of Norway, The French Government's Ministry of Labour and CERN.
  • stylelint-no-unsupported-browser-features is used by: The Git Project, GitHub, IBM, The Washington Post, The Wikimedia Foundation and eBay.

Social Psychology

People are a critical part of everything we do as software engineers. My background in the social sciences allows me to provide an expert's perspective on all matters related to psychology. I can assist organizations in changing organizational processes and can help teams truly understand the needs of their users.

As a skilled researcher, I am able to guide teams to solutions based on verifiable evidence, backed by data. By employing the scientific method, decisions will be unbiased and realistic.

Get in touch

If the above interests you, or if you want to get in touch for any other reason, feel free to contact me!